14th July 2018: iRacingConfig version 1.2 released.

Click here to download this release.
Changes in this release:

  • Added option to hide camera.ini settings.
  • Added option to hide core.ini settings.
  • Added option to launch the iRacing UI instead of the website.
  • Added option to automatically close iRacingConfig if iRacing is detected running.
  • Added check to make sure ini files are in the expected directory.
  • Moved all options and menu to a single location
  • Increased default window width to ensure all toolbar icons fit at startup.
  • Changed ini file padding for the renderDX11.ini to be the same as iRacing’s default.
  • Uploaded iRacingConfig to for scanning.

20th May 2018: Apachetail version 1.2.0 released.

Click here to download this release.
Apachetail is a Linux Apache server realtime monitoring app that runs on a Windows desktop.

4th March 2018: Folder Size Explorer version 2.0 released.

Click here to download this release.
Changes in this release:

  • New: Summary pane which can summarise files by extension, date created, modified or accessed.
  • New: Summary pane which groups files into dates by month and year.
  • New: Double click any summary pane item to start a filtered search on that item.
  • New: Search filters for date modified, date created and date accessed.
  • New: Search filters for comparison operators – greater than, less than and equal too.
  • New: Improved performance when searching files.
  • New: Improved performance when calculating folder sizes.
  • New: Improved performance when sorting items by size.
  • New: Upgraded Folder Size Explorer from .Net Framework 4.0 to 4.6.
  • New: Option to use generic icons when browsing folders to improve performance (enabled by default).
  • New: Option to show ‘Drive % free’ instead of ‘Drive % used’ in the bottom status bar.
  • New: Scroll to the current folder being calculated by double clicking the status bar progress label.
  • New: Splash screen while Folder Size Explorer is loading drives.
  • New: ‘Refresh Subitems’ item added to Folderview pane context menu (right click menu).
  • New: ‘Select All’ and ‘Select Inverse’ items added to Fileview context menu.
  • New: Custom message box created to replace the default Windows message box.
  • New: Status column showing drive usage percentage for all drives at startup or when selecting the computer node.
  • New: Sort progress status text when a large number of items listed in search results and column header clicked.
  • New: Improved error logging window that lists errors much faster.
  • New: Progress status text showing exactly what FSE is working on at all times.
  • New: Text file logging. Moved to ProgramData\FolderSizeExplorer\FSE-log.txt
  • New: File searches that are cancelled prematurely will still process items found up to that point.
  • New: Main icon used for the desktop and the taskbar.
  • Change: Windows XP & 2003 are no longer supported. Mapped network drives to these systems are still supported.
  • Change: DigiCert 2 year SHA-256 Digital certificate used to sign FSE program files. (previously Symantec).
  • Change: Bottom status bar shows elapsed time in minutes not secs if processing time is greater than 5 mins.
  • Change: Status timer now starts from the moment folder is first selected rather than when size calculation starts.
  • Change: 1.x Pro licences are valid for version 2.0. allowing free upgrade.
  • Change: Colour used for ‘disk space used’ graphic in the bottom status bar.
  • Change: Vertical spacing of items in the Folder view pane – 2 pixels per item.
  • Change: Reduced the frequency of status updates from 250 to 333 milliseconds when calculating items.
  • Change: Reduced the frequency of status updates when FSE is minimized to the taskbar.
  • Change: Reduced the delay when browsing through folders while folder size calculation is in progress.
  • Change: Normal Window state location,size and splitter distance is now remembered even if closed while maximised.
  • Change: Timeout for a slow responding network folder is now 30 seconds.
  • Change: All URLs pointing to now use https.
  • Change: Toolbar icons cleaned up to improve appearance.
  • Fix: Bug that could cause Folder Size Explorer to crash unexpectedly.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the status bar disk usage graphic to disappear when FSE minimized or covered by window.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the elapsed time in the status bar changed to 0 secs if FSE was minimized.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the elapsed time in the status bar displayed 0 secs if processing was more than an hour.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the folder/file count to sometimes display -1 at the start of the sizing process.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the folder/file status to show negative if processing was cancelled before finishing.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the selected items in the Foldview pane not to copy, delete or update correctly.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the bottom status bar to redraw incorrectly if items being added while main window resized.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the selected drive to change when it was right clicked and properties selected.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the right click Fileview menu to prompt with an error if no items were listed.
  • Fix: Bug that caused the incorrect path to be displayed in the title of the access error log window.
  • Fix: Minor fixes, changes and optimisations.

29th February 2018: TLS 1.0 and 1.1 disabled

Please note that TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 has been disabled on all Bazwise websites. All modern browsers support TLS 1.2 so it  shouldnt affect your browsing unless you are using unsupported versions of Internet Explorer. If you have any issues please email

17th June 2017: Zipware version 1.5 released.

Click here to download this release.
Changes in this release :

  • Added option to show the Zipware icon in the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • Added option to calculate SHA-512 checksums from the Windows Explorer context menu and in Zipware.
  • Added list of recently extracted destination paths to the extract dialog window.
  • Added option to configure password complexity settings in the password manager options menu.
  • Added progress text to the main window when saving password manager passwords.
  • Added option to send anonymous feedback about Zipware. Feedback option is located in the main help menu.
  • Changed the look of the Windows Explorer 16×16 sized icons for file extensions associated with Zipware.
  • Improved the speed of checksum calculations.
  • Improved logging to help troubleshoot issues and errors.
  • Fixed minor bugs and optimised some code.

26th May 2017: HTTPS enabled for

All Bazwebsites have now moved from HTTP to HTTPS thanks to the fine and free certificate authority LetsEncrpyt. If you are linking to Bitser’s website please update your links to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Thank you.